Top Five Friday – Favourite Booktubers

Happy Friday!

For this week’s Top Five, I’ve been inspired by the magic of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) to do a post on my top five Booktubers! It’ll be hard to choose just five, but here we go.

5) First up, we have Catriona who vlogs as Little Book Owl. She’s funny, and pretty, and I love watching her videos. My favourite is the video where she debates between ebooks and physical books. It’s so succinctly put, and she’s just amazing. Check out the video below:

4) I’m also kinda-sorta obsessed with Drey from Little Yellow Bookshop. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and hilarious, and this video on stuff that book nerds say, is a must-watch. Ugh, I’d love to have her Maisie Williams look.

3) I’ve just realized that I only watch one male booktuber. Whoops. Anyway, here I present, Ben from Benjaminoftomes. He’s adorable, and he can sing, and he loves the Caster Chronicles just as much as I do! That’s not even including the fact that he has his own micropublishing company! Have a look at his video on Fictional Hotties. Ooh la la!

2) No list of Booktubers would be complete without the incredibly hyperactive Christine from Polandbananasbooks, would it? She’s got so much energy, and I can’t help but laugh every time I watch one of her videos. She’s actually the first Booktuber I ever watched, so I adore her. This is her video on Throne of Glass, so go watch. Watch, love, repeat.

1) Finally we come to my number one choice. Drumroll……Sasha from Abookutopia! I could watch her videos all day, to be perfectly frank, because she could be a dead ringer for Clary (the Mortal Instruments series), and she’s also so sweet, and she does hilarious skits involving books. I could go on all day about Sasha, but instead I’ll just let you watch her for yourself – here’s her video on Books In Real Life.

**Special Mention – I also just have to include the very cool people at EpicReads. Every Monday, they do short videos on book nerd problems, and I’m not afraid to say that I love them. Margot is my favourite out of all the ladies.


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