The St. Trinians’ Book Tag ~ Original

I’ve made my own original book tag! This one is inspired by the different cliques from the amazing ‘St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold’ movie, which is amazing. Rupert Everett anyone?


The Flammables – A free spirit of a character who just likes to have fun.


Sirius Black is such a free spirit – he does what he wants when he wants, and he itches to spread his wings (metaphorically) and explore. That’s why his Animagus form is a dog.

Chavs/Rude Girls – A character with a serious attitude.


Reagan from ‘Fangirl’ – she’s snarky, with buckets of attitude and she isn’t afraid of speaking her mind about the variety of strange students around campus.

Emos – A character with a dark side…


Ridley from the ‘Caster Chronicles’ series – she’s an okay person underneath it all, but she is very easily seduced by darkness. When her dark side comes out to play, it’s dangerous for all involved.

Posh Totties – A character from a posh and elite background.


Grace from ‘The Wrong Boy’ – she’s had to downgrade in life, but she’s originally from a very posh neighbourhood, with a fancy house, and even a pony called Piccadilly. She’s one of the elite, but ends up losing all that.

Geeks – A character who enjoys the nerdy side of life.


Madelyne Summers from ‘The Summer I Turned Into A Nerd’ – I’ve just started reading this, and she’s such an adorable nerd that I love her already! She’s such a nerd that she’s practically waiting by the postbox for her new comic book to be delivered. #SoulSister.

Eco Freakos – A character with strong beliefs and morals.


Eragon from the Inheritance series – throughout all the books, he’s determined to do right by his friends and family, and he always looks to do the right thing, even if it’s hard. Yay, Eragon!


I tag the following:

Kim @ By Hook or By Book

Erika @ Books The Thing

Jade @ Scatterbooker

And anyone else who wants to do it as well! Link me in the post so I can check it out if you do it.


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