Blog Spotlight – Vinnieh

Blog Spotlight

Usually I review book blogs, but I’ve veered a little off course this week. This week’s spotlight has found itself on a movie review blog. Not Anna Oliphant’s blog, but this one is Vinnieh’s blog. Put on your 3D glassed, grab your popcorn and settle back for this amazing movie blog.

The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog has been one of my regular followers for a while, which I thoroughly appreciate. Thank you very much, Vin. The About Page on his blog however doesn’t tell me a lot.

On the other hand, I do know that Vinnieh loves the hell out of movies – who doesn’t? They’re awesome, and because this awesome blogger reviews them, you can now get a taster of what the movie is about without having to experience a bad movie.

The Blog Itself:

The design of the blog is incredibly simple, but that’s just a cover for the awesomeness of the actual posts themselves. Simple is always better, in my opinion, because then it highlights the epic-ness of the blog posts.

As we all know, a blog with just one type of post is boring, but Vinnieh doesn’t just do movie reviews. He also does tv reviews – there’s reviews of Charmed! I didn’t think anyone besides me watched Charmed nowadays!


I’m scrolling through the blog now and there’s several reviews jumping out at me. Thus, I shall share them with you fabulous people.

Into The Woods (that musical film with Meryl Streep as the witch)

Marie Antoinette (if you haven’t seen this already, you have to watch it! Jamie Dornan as Axl Von Fersen…)

Pollyanna (A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E)

Where To Follow Him:

As far as I know, there’s no links where you can follow this amazing blogger, but you can still follow the blog itself.


Go follow it.


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