I am not a picky reader. I’m really not. You’d be hard-pressed to find a book I won’t try, but there are several factors which wi make me just not finish a book. Some are good reasons, some are not so good; let me explain.

1. The plot is in Nowheresville.

If I get about halfway into a book, and there’s no proper plot development, then I will not waste my time reading the rest. I could very well use that time reading something that is actually good – like re-reading ‘Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda. I know I talk about that a lot, but I can’t stop talking about it. It’s a book with PLOT.

2. The characters are practically the leaders of Nowheresville.

Even worse than no discernible plot? Characters with no depth. If there’s no depth to the characters,  no development of any kind, then what is the point of reading the book? Characters have to move forward, to grow throughout the novel, to better themselves through some sort of adversity.  Characters are the backbone of a novel – without them, a book will just implode upon itself, and it’s useless.

3. Another book flirts with my attention.

This is one of the reasons I don’t care to admit much. Occasionally…I won’t finish a book if I get distracted by other books. I know, I’m a bad pup. I can’t help it though – if other books beckon to me, what does that say about the book I’m reading? It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad book, but it’s just not for me at that particular time.


4. Go to Azkaban, characters!

Yes, I have a weakness for a good villain –  someone who you can truly hate, but you just have to keep reading to see what other horrible stuff they do – but when the majority of the characters in a book are so far up their own arses that they are incapable of behaving like normal, rational people, then I draw the metaphorical line. I will close the book, shelve it, and then never even consider it again. The characters may be well-written, but ugh! They’re so awful, I just want to smack them silly with their own book.


5. Seriously? *raises eyebrow*

Another thing that drives me to officially shelve a book on Goodreads as ‘DNF’ is overused cliches and tropes shoved together to make an unrealistic book. I just can’t take it seriously when it’s so bloody unrealistic that it’s not even funny. Love at first sight? Okay. Love triangle? Eh, alright, but that’ll do it. Dead character suddenly revealed to be alive? NO MORE!!! Even if it’s fantasy, a small amount of reality is needed.


I do have other reasons, but right now they’re not coming to me. I guess sometimes a book just becomes a DNF for reasons that you just can’t place.  You just don’t want to finish it – now or ever.

What books have you DNF-d in the past, and why?


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