Blog Spotlight – Roxeterawr

Who’s in the spotlight this week? Oh, it’s none other than the ultra funny, super gorgeous, Rosie from Roxeterawr! I’ve been a fan of hers for ages – blog wise and on YouTube – and I can’t believe I haven’t done a blog spotlight on her yet, so let’s get started.


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

Rosie is probably most known from her videos on YouTube with her equally as beautiful wife Rose – check our their adorable relationship on Rosie’s channel, or on Rose’s – and that’s where I found her. Rose and Rosie are like the female, British version of Will and RJ. ‘Nuff said.


On the About page of her blog, Rosie describes herself as a ’25 year old bisexual girl’ who likes ‘wifin’ around with the wife.’ That’s the perfect way of describing their relationship actually, if you’ve ever seen any of Rosie and Rose’s videos together (let me direct you to them doing the Newlywed Tag).

Basically Rosie is this blonde bubble of sunshine and I’m very jealous that I am not the one married to her.


The Blog Itself:

It’s simple. That’s the only way to describe this particular blog. The design is simplistic and minimalistic, and gorgeous. I dislike blogs that have too much going on in the design, but this is perfect. Simple without being boring.


As for the posts, it’s basically a splurge of Rosie’s comedic brain onto the internet. There’s Outfit Of The Day posts (OOTD), film reviews where she calls Daniel Radcliffe ‘Daniel Babecliffe’ and other cute posts where she tries to better the crappy world we live in. Each post is written in a way that’s funny and drags you in, even if it’s on a serious issue, and I personally am in love with her writing style.

Don’t believe me? Check out these posts:

Self Reflection
My Experiences At School And A Way To Help Others
Film Review of ‘What If’

Where To Follow Her:



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