Great Scott!

Happy Back-To-The-Future Day!


On this day, Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to the future. However, life now isn’t exactly like the 2015 that was predicted in the classic 1989 sci-fi film sequel.

First of all, technology hasn’t quite got to the point where we’re all zipping around on hoverboards. How cool would that be though? No need for environment-destroying cars, or taking the bus – you could just hop on your hoverboard and get wherever you need to. I wish we were at that point, but maybe in another thirty years.

Cars powered by alternative forms of energy have been created though, even if it isn’t quite like the rubbish-guzzling car belonging to Doc Brown in the films. Think about those hybrid cars that are all the rage now with environmentally friendly drivers.


As for the news robots, the film wasn’t too far off – after all, some media companies like the BBC have started using aircraft enabled with cameras to get a fresh perspective on important news stories. Again, pretty cool.

However, 3D holograms haven’t made their way into real life yet. Thank god for that, because if this happened every time I passed the cinema, I’d crap myself.


What are you doing for Back To The Future Day? Comment below!


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