Let’s Binge…

There’s binge-drinking (not at all healthy!), binge-eating (again, not healthy in the slightest), and then there’s the most common of all the binges; binge-watching. This is by far the better of all three, but altogether much more addictive. After all, who hasn’t fallen victim to the urge to watch whole seasons of a show in just a short period of time? I myself am guilty of this (-cough- Grey’s Anatomy -cough-).


However, I offer up a far healthier alternative for your binge-needs; binge-reading. There is absolutely nothing unappealing about whisking yourself off to a comfortable spot with an entire book series at your disposal, or even just a ton of stand-alone books (even though it’s so much better to whiz through a book series, in my opinion.) Actually, it’s a far better way to spend your time – it won’t give you organ failure like the excessive drinking would, and it won’t make you hugely obese like the eating would. It won’t even turn your brain to mush like the tv watching will. The worst that will happen will be that you will get one hell of a book hangover, and those fade after a book or two.


Take me for example; when I find a great series, I tend to read it all at once, one after the other. I fully immerse myself in the world, sometimes to the point where I almost believe that I actually live in the fictional world I’m reading about.

When I was reading Rachel Caine’s ‘Morganville Vampires’ series, I was absolutely hooked. It was like Shane and Claire, and Michael and Eve were all my housemates in the Glass House, and I lived in Morganville too. I was a Morganville inhabitant for all 15 books, and it was such a head rush. Each book led into each other, and I was a part of all that vampiric action.


Nowadays it’s a lot easier to binge-read, because of the availability of ebooks online. You don’t have to spend as much money on e-books as you do with paperbacks or hardbacks, and you can get multiple books at once that way, without ever having to leave your house. Pretty cool, right? Technology has definitely been good to us – at least until the computers develop their own intelligence and rise up to kill us all. That’s not a good future prospect.

How do you binge-read? Well, listen up because I’m about to tell you the perfect recipe for a successful binge-read session.

Step One: Create The Zone

You can’t get into the right reading mood if you’re uncomfortable, which is why you gotta make yourself the perfect reading spot. I recommend the blanket nest – it’s so cosy and comfortable, and really easy to make. Follow this tutorial made by Fluffmoth on Tumblr:









Step Two: Gather your equipment

In other words, get your books. Just have piles of them sitting around you. It’s better if you’re not getting out of your cosy blanket nest after every book to grab the next one. Just have them sitting beside you within arm’s reach. Also, you should keep a selection of snacks beside you, to keep your energy up over this bookish marathon. Trust me, you’ll need ’em.

Step Three: Send out appeasements

If you’re going to be binge-reading, you gotta let your friends and family know that you won’t be available for a long, long time. You’ll get sucked into the books, and you probably won’t emerge from up to six hours at the very minimum. Let your friends and family know you’re okay and that they shouldn’t worry if they don’t see or hear from you all weekend. Once you do this, turn off all electronic devices. You won’t need them.

Step Four: Get Settled In And Begin

That’s it. You’re ready for your binge-reading. Normally on adverts for alcohol, they said to drink responsibly, but all I have to say is, “Take care of your books.” Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but if you take care of them, books will stay with you forever.

Happy reading!



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