Blog Spotlight – Paperback Worlds

It’s another blog spotlight – the feature where I shine a little light on one of the blogs I keep an eye on.


This week’s spotlight is Emma who blogs at Paperback Worlds. Don’t we all want to live in a paperback world?

The Blogger Behind The Writing:


This blog is run by Emma, and from reading her About page, I’m seriously impressed. She’s had a masterclass with THE Jacqueline Wilson! Colour me impressed. Jacqueline Wilson is one of the major children’s writers, especially for me, and I know we all grew up reading her books at some point or another.

I’m also particularly appreciative of her Masters in Children’s Literature – that can’t be easy to complete a Masters degree, even doing children’s literature, so props for that.


Emma also has another blog, dedicated to the wonderfully magical world of Harry Potter, which I really love. There should be more Harry Potter blogs in this world. Go check it out and share the Potter love!

The Blog Itself:

There aren’t many posts on the blog – a handful of reviews, some other posts- but they’re really awesome.

For example, a quote by Alan Rickman? Always a must for any Potterhead to love and adore.


And a post about YALC with Malorie Blackman, who happens to be an epic author – Noughts And Crosses, anyone?

Seriously, go check out this blog if you get time. The posts aren’t too long, but they’re also not too short, perfect for a commute to work, or on your lunch break.

Where To Follow Her:


Happy reading!



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