Top Five Friday – Fictional Hotties

It’s Friday, and how am I going to spend my weekend? Going on lots of dates! Well, not with corporeal guys and; I’ll be dating fictional guys, but that’s actually even better because in my opinion, fictional characters behave a lot better.


5) Valek, from the Study Series by Maria V. Snyder. He’s tough and sharp at a first glance, but when you get to know him through Yelena, he’s sweet and caring, and passionate. Ohh, I love this sexy assassin….


4) Bram Greenfeld from ‘Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda’ by Becky Albertalli. This particular book hottie is pure adorableness, and spoilers aside, he’s sweet and dorky, and ohh I just want to squeeze him so much and absorb all that cuteness.


3) Chaol Westfall from the ‘Throne of Glass’ series by Sarah J Maas. Chaol is strong and broody, but in an extremely attractive way. Chaolaena is my OTP, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t snatch him up for myself the first chance I got. He’s not moody like Dorian (not a lot, at least) and he knows when to put his personal feelings on the backburner. He’s sensible and I like that.


2) Jem Carstairs from Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Infernal Devices’ series. He’s just one of the sweetest characters ever to grace my bookshelf, to be completely honest, and I want my own Jem! He’s the antithesis of Will, but that’s what makes him so awesome; it’s like yin and yang and Jem is the peace-keeping, gentle side of that coin. 


1) Etienne St Clair from ‘Anna and The French Kiss’ series by Stephanie Perkins. Don’t even get me started on how bloody perfect this boy is – he’s an American boy with a British accent in Paris. He uses words like ‘bollocks’ and he wears a horrific knitted Hat that actually makes him look adorable. Ugh, how can you not love St Clair?

Happy reading!



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