Pastry Book Tag – Ooh La La!

It’s another book tag, and this time I was actually tagged by someone! Whoop! My little corner of the Internet has gotten a little bigger. I was tagged by Alice over at AliceAndHerLookingGlass to do the Pastry tag, so lets get going.

1. Croissant: Name a popular book or series that everyone (including you) loves.


There are many, many, MANY books and series’ that can fit into this category – I’m a YA junkie – but one that instantly comes to mind is the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. This series is massively popular, and I can’t wait for the tv show to begin casting!

2. Macaron: Name a book that was hard to get through but worth it at the end.


‘A Song of Ice And Fire’ was quite hard going, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I definitely found this easier to get through than the Lord of The Rings series. THAT was a monster of a book.

3. Vol-au-vent: Name a book that you thought would be amazing but fell flat.


I’m afraid to say that ‘Fangirl’ fell flat for me. I was hyped up to read it because everyone says it’s so awesome and amazing, but as much as I did like it, it wasn’t quite what everyone said it was. Sorry, Rainbow Rowell.

4. Pain au chocolat: Name a book that you thought would be one thing but turned out to be something else.


When I first read ‘Fans of The Impossible Life’ by Kate Scelsa, I was expecting it to be an actual bisexual threesome, but it was so much more than that. It ended up being this poignant, beautiful story where the three main characters did fall in love with each other, but in different ways than just romantically.

5. Profiterole: Name a book or series that doesn’t get enough attention.


I recently recommended this to my sister, because it seriously doesn’t get enough attention – Melissa de la Cruz’s vampire series ‘Blue Bloods.’ I read this for the first time when I was in like first year of school, years ago, and I still love it now. I identify so much with the outsider character of Schuyler Van Alen, and she’s one of my book besties.

6. Croquembouche: Name a book or series that’s extremely complex.


The ‘Millenium’ trilogy by Stieg Larsson is one of the most complicated book series I’ve ever had the displeasure to pick up  – I didn’t even finish the first book, because it was so overly complicated and technical that I couldn’t read any more. I know it’s a bestseller series, but too complex for me. Sorry, but not sorry.

7. Napoleon: Name a movie or TV show based off a book that you liked better than the book itself.


I am a very strong advocate that books are better than movies – I will always believe that, no matter what – but I have to admit, the Game of Thrones tv show captured my attention a lot easier than the books. I watched the show first, and when I came to read the first book in the series,  I knew who the characters were, and it was just a lot easier. Also, and I’m not afraid to admit this, but Emilia Clarke is seriously sexy as Daenerys. Just sayin’.

8. Empanada: Name a book that was bittersweet.


Talk about bittersweet – ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ had me crying at the end, but also strangely at peace. It was a mixed up time, but even now Augustus Waters’ death will get bawling my eyes out.

9. Kolompeh: Name a book or series that takes place somewhere other than your home country.


You mean, every book ever written? Nothing good ever seems to happen in Northern Ireland in the few books set here, but I am going to choose one of my favourite fantasy series – the ‘Books of Pellinor,’ by Alison Croggan. This fantasy world is just amazing, and magical, and I would love to study under Cadvan of Lirigon.

10. Pate a Choux: Name one food from a book or series that you would like to try.


No competition here – it has gotta be Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans from the Harry Potter books by the ever fabulous JK Rowling. Chocolate, peppermint, spinach, liver, tripe….even bogey and earwax flavours. I like strange flavoured sweets, and I would love the game of guessing what flavour the beans would be.


I tag:

Erika @ Book’s The Thing
Aaron/Jonathan @HusbandAndHusband
Kerrie @ Comfy Reading

Happy reading!



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