Blog Spotlight – Comfy Reading

For this blog spotlight, I’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a little book blog for the comfy reader – Comfy Reading.


This blog was one of my first followers when I started my blog, so I’m very grateful for that confidence boost that one more follower gave me. That’s why I’m going to shed a little light on an underappreciated book blogger and her blog.


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by 28-year old Kerrie, initially from Michigan (home of Tyler Oakley, eh?), and a mother of one. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have time for anything else if I was a mother, so props to Kerrie for having the ability to multi-task the two time-consuming things that are motherhood and blogging.


Another pretty cool thing about this particular blogger, is that she’s studying to be a child psychologist – that’s really cool, since I’ve seen plenty of psychologists throughout my teens in particular. There should be more people becoming child psychologists.

The Blog Itself:

Kerrie doesn’t blog about YA books like a lot of blogs do, but variety is the spice of life after all, so having this blog in my reader gives me some new chick-lit type books to read, which is amazing. I am a not-so-secret chick lit junkie after all, and I’m a sucker for fluffy romance.


Also, she does other posts that are really cool:

Non-Bookish Stress Relievers
Would You Rather: Book Edition
Books For Tweens

Where To Follow Her:


Email –

Happy reading!



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