Blog Spotlight – The Book’s The Thing

Who shall I feature this week? Who deserves to be brought into the spotlight for their amazing blogging? Hmm…

How about Erika from The Book’s The Thing? One of the book bloggers I follow, she often appears in my notifications, so I’ve decided to dedicate this feature to her.


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

Erika is, as she describes herself, ‘a wife, a mom to two lovely daughters, an IT professional, and a voracious reader of fiction. Aren’t we all? I mean the voracious reader part, not the mum or wife part. I’m not at that stage of my life yet.

From a quick glance at her Goodreads shelves, her reading tastes vary hugely – from anthologies to young adult, there’s a wide variety there, which is impressive. Not many people have such a varied reading taste.

The Blog Itself:

I’m so impressed by how well the blog itself is organised – categories for every genre, as well as the other features like Top Ten Tuesday (not my Top Five Friday) and some other really cool features. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite posts of hers that you ought to read;

The Importance Of Writing Letters
Top Ten Finished Series That I Have Yet To Finish
Top Ten Books For Burgling 101


I especially like that last one – very unusual. I might take inspiration from that one for one of my Top Five Fridays.

Where To Follow Her:

Email –

Happy reading!



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