Book Review – carefully, everywhere, descending


Title: carefully everywhere descending

Author: L.B Bedford

Synopsis: Audrey Anderson has one chance to escape poverty—excel academically and get into a good school. She’ll let nothing stand between her and her goal: not dating and certainly not snotty Scarlett West. The girls can’t stand each other, so why is Scarlett hanging around Audrey and getting under Audrey’s skin—in more ways than one? Scarlett needs a tutor, and Audrey doesn’t want the job. She still resents Scarlett offering to pay Audrey to do her homework, but her compassionate best friend talks Audrey into giving Scarlett a second chance. The more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for Audrey to fight her growing attraction to the other young woman. At the same time, Audrey’s interest in her new neighbor’s bizarre behavior gnaws at her, and she can’t leave the mystery alone. Her relentless curiosity might cost her everything.

Rating: 2 and a half stars

Review: First of all, thank you to Harmony Ink Press for providing me with this e-ARC via Netgalley.

It’s the same story that’s been told a million times before in different guises – the girl falls for the guy/girl who she’s hated for years. Not particularly new, but this one has a mystery as well….

I tried to get into this book, but I just couldn’t, which is why this is a DNF. I don’t know what happened – I was interested in it when I requested it, but once I got reading it, I just couldn’t get into the story, and got distracted way too easily. Maybe it’s just bad timing for this? I don’t know.


I just didn’t really like it, but maybe someone else will. I’ll link the Goodreads and Netgalley pages below if you want to request it for yourself.

Netgalley | Goodreads

Happy reading!



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