Potterthon 2015 – HP & The Philosopher’s Stone

I’ve started re-reading The Philosopher’s Stone – in both English and French, because I happen to have a French translation copy of it – and I had forgotten just how innocent it all was. They were just scared eleven-year olds. Anyway, I just had to go onto the Philosopher’s Stone tag on Tumblr, and I picked out a few posts that really caught my eye.

hp post 3

hp post 2

hp post 1

Some of these are hilarious, especially the one about McGonagall and the Marauders. There was also these ones:

hp post 4

hp post 5

This is what comes of reading the series with hindsight.

hp post 6

What are some of your favourite Philosopher’s Stone posts that you’ve seen? Care to share?

Happy reading!


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