Top Five Friday – Literary Jerks

The Broke and The Bookish have their Top Ten Tuesday, but I’ve never conformed to what most people think and do. This is…


This week I’ve chosen five literary jerks that really get under my skin. You know who I mean, those characters you just despise with every fibre of your being? Somehow I’ve managed to narrow it down to just five.

5) George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice) is a literary classic. He’s also very much a dick. He tells lies about Darcy, he smarmies up to Lizzie, and takes advantage of her sister. Boo!


4) These next two arseholes come together – Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, henchmen to Malfoy. I realise they’re extremely stupid like sheep,  but they’re also cruel. At least Malfoy had a soft side at the end.


3) Another HP character comes in third as even more jerky than Crabbe and Goyle- Vernon Dursley. He full-on abuses Harry throughout Harry’s childhood, treating him as inferior to Dudley, and that’s really not cool. However, he’s not as abusive as…


2) Christian Grey (ugh) from the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey book series. He’s like a worse version of Edward Cullen, with being overly possessive, and controlling, and an overall ass. Ten times worse than Vernon Dursley. That brings us up to my number one jerk of literature…


1) To Kill A Mockingbird’s Bob Ewell. Oh, the list of things wrong with Bob Ewell is endless; to name just a few, he’s racist, he beats and neglects his children, lies under oath in order to get an innocent black man sentenced for life, and is just overall a suckish person.


Which literary jerks get under your skin? Tweet me @shihtzureviews or just comment below with your own book asses.

Happy reading!



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