Blog Spotlight – The Little Book Affair

It’s time for another Blog Spotlight – this week is The Little Book Affair! I’ve been following this blog for a while now and I really enjoy reading her reviews and posts.


Let’s get this started.

The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by Emily who is a Psychology major in college – pretty cool, right? It gets even cooler, since she’s minoring in Criminal Justice. That’s pretty impressive, since I can barely manage to get into any course right now. On her About Me page, she cites Marissa Meyer and Cassandra Clare among her favourite authors, so that automatically places her in my good books. Anyone who loves Cassandra Clare is good in my eyes.


The Blog Itself:

I’ve been recently scrolling through her blog for a while, and some posts in particular have caught my eye – like her Author Corner feature. It’s pretty similar to this feature, but with hers, she sheds a little light on different authors. That’s a pretty cool idea, especially when she does authors that aren’t well-known. It gives them a place to shine and be noticed, so props to Emily for doing that.


Also, like the Lit Mermaid, Emily’s graphics are so cool. Check them out;



Ugh. All these pretty headers and graphics make me so jealous of those pretty blogs….

Where To Follow Her:


Tune in next week for another Blog Spotlight – you never know, you could appear…



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