Book Review – Ghostboy, Chameleon, and The Duke of Graffiti


Title: Ghostboy, Chameleon, and the Duke of Graffiti

Author: Olivia Wildenstein

Synopsis: Cora Matthews, the principal’s gloomy goth daughter, is not exactly popular Duke Meyer’s type. Still, Duke finds himself inexplicably drawn to her dark eyes and mysterious manner. She makes it clear she doesn’t return his admiration, but when a burst appendix lands Duke in the hospital, he and Cora will be forced to come together by the most unlikely intermediary: her eight-year-old brother, Jaime.

Duke learns Jaime has brain cancer and little chance of long-term survival. He admires the kid’s plucky positivity and wild imagination and offers to write a story about Jaime’s make-believe superheroes. So begins an epic tale—that of Ghostboy, Chameleon and the Duke of Graffiti—and a deep friendship between Duke and Jaime.

Despite their outward differences, Cora and Duke bond over their affection for Jaime, but unintended betrayal and Jaime’s advancing disease threaten to derail their blossoming romance before it can truly take root.

Rating: 5 stars

Review: This was an e-ARC received from Netgalley courtesy of IBPA, ij exchange for an honest review, and honestly? I LOVED IT!



It’s so sad, and touching, and brilliant that I had to stay up all night to finish it. It was midnight before I finished, but even then I just lay there in bed, trying to wrap my head around how great this book was. It’s like if The Fault In Our Stars had a baby with Me, And Earl And You’re Dying Girl, and then that had a baby with My Sister’s Keeper.


Duke has to do caretaker work at school as punishment for spray-painting a penis on his principal’s car, but as he does, he gets interested in Cora – the Goth girl who happens to be the aforementioned principal’s daughter. When Duke gets appendicitis, he finds himself thrown into the lives of Cora and her little brother Jaime, who happens to be very sick.

The thing I loved most about the book was the friendship between Duke and Jaime – the way Duke genuinely comes to care for the boy, and how he includes him in various things he does. I just loved seeing them connect, and how Jaime’s enthusiasm for life affects Duke, as well as Cora.


I can’t wait to get my own copy of this book because the cover is so beautiful, and the story is amazing. I recommend this to pretty much everyone, but especially if you enjoy John Green books. I can’t wait to read more of Olivia Wildenstein’s work in future.



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