Blog Spotlight – The Lit Mermaid

It’s another Blog Spotlight, and this time I’m looking towards the fabulous blog entitled….


THE LIT MERMAID! This was one of the first blogs to follow me, so I’m immensely grateful for that, especially since that was back in April when I was just a baby blogger. This is her blog.


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This book blog is run by Syc, who describes herself as ‘part-time surfer (on the Internet, I mean), part-time reader/adventurer and a full-time drug maker in the making.’ Take it with a little pinch of salt, eh? Because obviously she’s not a drug maker. Life is not Breaking Bad.

The Blog Itself:

Syc does a variety of bookish posts – book hauls, reviews, tags – as well as her own features. One that I think is pretty cool, is her segment that she calls ‘The Mermaid Life’ and that’s where she gets a bit personal and talks about her own life. That’s a refreshing break from book posts in my opinion – seeing blogs which post nothing but one topic get boring after a while, don’t you agree?


Also, the name of the blog? Genius! Coming from the classic Disney movie, I absolutely love Ariel (aka The Little Mermaid), and I just adore the name of this blog. It’s a combination of two of my favourite things – reading, and Disney. The perfect mix.


Not to mention, the GORGEOUS graphics that Syc has on the blog? I’m so jealous of them, since I can barely work Photoshop.


Where To Follow:

The Blog

Syc’s Tumblr

Syc’s Goodreads

Syc’s Twitter

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