Top Five Friday – Fictional Deaths

TGIF, am I right? However, because it’s Friday, that means it’s time for Top Five Friday. This week, I’ve decided to give you my five fictional deaths that I will always mourn. Those characters that you die inside when they get their head lopped off, or stabbed or whatnot.
Warning – there will be a lot of Harry Potter in here.
1) Augustus Waters – TFIOS. 

 This sweetheart – albeit a pretentious one – should not have died. He didn’t deserve it. This is one of those fictional deaths that I really won’t recover from. Poor Gus….
2) Tonks and Remus – Harry Potter.

I’m putting both in this one, because they died together, and they belong together. I’ll forever be furious at JK Rowling for making wee Teddy Lupin an orphan, symbolism be damned. That boy deserved both his parents, just like Harry should have had both of us. 
3) Helen Burns -Jane Eyre
A classic death, from consumption, but it still made me cry nonetheless. The way she died in Jane’s arms? *sob*
4) Dobby -Harry Potter

Don’t even get me started on Dobby dying. That’s even more unforgivable than killing off Tonks and Remus. Dobby was a freaking hero, and did not deserve to die. Not one iota.
5) Lily Potter – Harry Potter

I get that Lily had to die to protect Harry, to give him her protection of love, but it’s still a really sad death that I would undo if I were Rowling. Somehow, I dunno, I’d maybe write a prequel? *looks pointedly at JK Rowling*
What characters would you bring back if you could? Comments below if you please! 



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