Blog Spotlight – HusbandAndHusband

I’ve decided to start a new feature! This one is going to be where I do a post every Sunday on one of my favourite blogs. This week, I’ve been inspired to do a spotlight on Aaron and Jonathan from HusbandAndHusband, because they just shared the cute story of how they met, and I just love their blog so much.


The Bloggers Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by two men who happen to be married to each other. Jonathan is an author, and has written young adult urban fantasy books, while Aaron is an illustrator as well as the author to a series called ‘The Lost Boys Academy’ which is about “an all male gay college which sole mission is to rehabilitate homosexuality.” Both guys live in Los Angeles – the City of Angels – with their cat Merlin and their dog Koda. These two are officially the second cutest LA gay couple I’ve come across – the first being Will and R.J from the Youtube channel ‘shep689’ – and I like to think I’d be good friends with Jonathan and Aaron if we ever met in real life. For one, we all agree that Batman is the best superhero. I mean, he is awesome, right?

The Blog Itself:

One of the unique features on the blog which initially attracted me, is the webcomic which Aaron draws – usually 4 panels, and they’re always hilarious and fabulously drawn. Here’s one from recently;


This is my favourite one tbh

They do geeky posts, and just general ones too – like when they posted about the Harry Potter vinyl Pop! figures, or when they post photos of their adorable dog.

Where To Follow Them:

Aaron’s Goodreads
Aaron’s Facebook
Aaron’s Twitter

Jonathan’s Goodreads
Jonathan’s Facebook
Jonathan’s Twitter

**All pictures are credited to Aaron and Jonathan**


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