Top Five Friday – Reasons I Love Being A Book Blogger

This week’s Top Five Friday is kind of a cop-out, I admit, but I have a good excuse – I’ve been really busy with my own stuff this week, so I haven’t had time to properly plan out a great post for this Friday. However, now I will list my top five reasons why I love being a book blogger.

#1 It gives me purpose in my daily life. I have a valuable way to spend my time now, by writing up and planning posts. This is amazing because it gives me something to look forward to for every day, planning amazing posts for my blog.

#2 Through my blog, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people online in the book community – this gives me the chance to connect with other book bloggers and talk about new releases or book-ish issues. It’s a great thing to be a part of this community, this big book family.


#3 This blog gives me a forum to express myself and my opinions. Coming from a family who aren’t really book people, it’s brilliant to have this place where I can geek out over my latest read, or the latest releases, to my heart’s content.

#4 I’ve also had the opportunity to discover new books and new authors, as well as getting in touch with authors. I’m going to be a part of a blog tour soon, and I’ve been able to do Q&As with authors such as Kate Scelsa and Gus Li. Yay!


#5 Finally, one of the major perks of being a book blogger is the e-ARCs I’ve been blessed with. Netgalley truly is a book blogger’s bread-and-butter,and for the last few months this site has provided me with a good amount of ARCs that I’ve read and reviewed. Amen for Netgalley.

Again, I’m sorry for making this such a crap post, but I promise next week will be better.



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