ARC August Week 3 Wrap-Up


And…another week of ARC August done and dusted. There goes Week 3 – just one more week to go! This whole month has been such an experience, being my first proper attempt at a book community event like this (TBRTakedown didn’t really count since I didn’t even finish one of those books).


This week I read and reviewed all three of my ARCs for the week, and I had mixed reactions about them all. Read all about it below:

When We Were
Witches and Wolves
Witch, Cat and Cobb

I especially enjoyed the latter of the books, because…well, you can read all about that in the review.

I’ll see you all again on Monday for the final week’s update post, but in the meantime, talk to me in the comments about your ARCs that you’ve read this past week.



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