ARC August 2015 -Wrap up Week 2


There goes the second week of ARC August, and what a week it was. Again, I managed to get my goal of three ARCs read for this week, as well as my own personal reading, which is amazing.


Here are the ARCs I read this week, and the reviews I did for them:

The Body Institute – Carol Riggs ( review )
Breaking (Up) Point – Brian McNamara (review)
Ward Against Death – Melanie Card (review)

My favourite would have to be ‘Ward Against Death’ because Ward is just… bae.


Now for a weekend of personal reading, because I have a load of library books I want to read and enjoy (especially iZombie, because who doesn’t love a good zombie gravedigger?).

Watch this space for Week 3’s post on Monday – it’ll be a hoot and a half.



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