Guest Post – Teen Wolf Book Tag 

My very first guest post, and I’m so happy to have it being one of my all time favourite online friends – Chloe!!! She isn’t a big reader like I am – hell, nobody’s as big a reader as I am! – but she’s passionate about the books she does read. Here she is, doing the Teen Wolf book tag! This tag was initially created by Unaplopusandante on her blog.
I am guessing when Becca saw there was a Teen Wolf book tag, that she thought of me to do a guest post…not that I am going to complain because I live for Teen Wolf and I absolutely love it and I do love to get my nose down into a good book or book series. So here is my Teen Wolf book tag!
1) Scott McCall– A Character who evolves throughout the book- This has to be between Peeta Mellark and Jacob Black, although I am cheating a little as I’m going by series instead of one book, but I think I am going to go with Jacob Black *swoons and starts to fan face to calm down*. You start off with hardly knowing anything about him to him being one of the main characters and I loved to see him evolving and developing as a character and him finding a special spot to always be in my heart….so if course if you were wondering and cared, then yes I’m Team Jacob.

2) Stiles Stilinski– A book that you didn’t have many expectations about but found charming- The book that I didn’t have many expectations for but found charming was actually The Maze Runner. I think the reason for this was because I thought it was going to be like The Hunger Games, the reason why I bought the series (Oh and the fact I saw Dylan O’Brien had been cast for Thomas in the film…guilty), but I actually found it to be charming and got me very hooked the moment I started reading.

3) Lydia Martin– A book with a pretty cover – As everyone always says. “Never judge a book by it’s cover”. However I couldn’t just pick one book with a pretty cover as it’s a part of a series and I think the books all have a nice cover from what I read and that’s the Twilight Saga series, I liked the way the covers are all black and then have one picture on the cover, simple but appealing. Also the Twilight Saga covers have a meaning, but if I had to choose one, then it would be the New Moon cover, the flower is very pretty, being red and white.

4) Allison Argent– A book with a forbidden love- Okay now this was hard to think of until I remember when I was in high school I had to read Romeo and Juliet, which is the ultimate forbidden love. Although I did enjoy the book to my surprise and felt the thrill and the love that Romeo and Juliet felt for each other when going behind their families’ backs to be together.
5) Derek Hale- The book which started you reading- If it means by the first ever book that started me reading, that’s Twilight. This was the book I first ever really picked up just after the film had come out, so I must’ve been about twelve and I got hooked on the story. Thus made me like books more and thinking that reading was actually relaxing and if it was a good story or series, that you couldn’t put the book down.
6) Malia Tate– A character with a shady past- I personally feel that Cato Hadley from The Hunger Games has a shady past as not much is known about him and even though it’s said he has been training all his life for the games to then volunteer on his last year, I feel like his parents forced him to, this for me being shady when he could’ve easily still be alive if he was never forced to start training for the games, or that’s my view and also the fact I had a soft spot for Cato.

7) Kira Yukimura– A character with oriental features- The first character that came to mind when thinking about oriental features was Minho from The Maze Runner series, he is described by Thomas as;
 “An Asian with strong arms and short black hair”. 
Minho is also the only character I really know with oriental features and is also a very attractive character with oriental features.

8) Jackson Whittemore– A bad character you couldn’t help but love- I only have one character that jumps straight into my mind and that is the one and only Draco Malfoy! Yes, I am a sucker for the white blonde;
 “My Father will hear about this!” 
He is my bad character that I can’t help but love, not only for his good looks but for the fact I could read between the lines and see he was really a soft guy who choose the wrong decisions to make his father proud of him.

9) Liam Dunbar– The last book you bought- The last book that I personally bought for reading was The Maze Runner series, however sometimes my mum buys books that I want to read and the last book she bought that I want to read is If I Stay, which I am excited to read as the film made me feel different emotions and books tend to make you feel more emotion and connected to the characters.
10) Ethan and Aidan– A brother and sister (Gay and Straight)- Unfortunately I haven’t read a book yet that has a brother and sister in that is gay and straight, I could list off both straight brother and sister, but not gay and straight, but I do love Ethan and Aidan who this question is based off.
11) Brett Talbot- A character that plays sport– The only character I can think of from the books I have read that have played a sport is The Cullen family or Jacob and the pack…yes I know it’s more than one character, but I couldn’t exactly think of anyone else, but in the first book Twilight they play baseball (before it all went wrong) and then you have the Quileute guys who would go cliff diving, or Bella and Jacob would go on their bikes.

You can follow Chloe here on Twitter – you really should, she’s an awesome person 🙂 


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