Blogging Tips I’ve Picked Up

I’ve seen different people doing this around the blogosphere , giving their tips for blogging, but now I want to put my two pence in, and give my tips for being a blogger, after nearly four months of blogging about books and other book-related stuff.

#1. Find Your Voice.

Every blogger, no matter what their niche or topic, has a distinct voice to their writing, showing their personality. If you write with the same vibrancy that you talk with, people will read your posts and actually be interested in what you’ve got to say. It took me a while to find my blogger voice, but now I’m relatively confident that I’ve found it and that I’m actually interesting to read. I am interesting! Woo!

#2. Plan, plan, plan!

It;s imperative, especially at the start, to have some sort of structure and schedule to your posts. Decide on certain days to post – say, Wednesdays and Saturdays – and consistently post on those days to get into a rhythm. When I started out, I posted one fancast every Wednesday, and one book review every Saturday. Once I’d gotten into the swing of regularly posting, I began adding other posts – more reviews throughout the week, tag posts, and other features like my Top Five Friday. Set yourself regular posts to do each week, and build on those.

#3. Don’t have just text.

If people look at your blog and see nothing but blocks of text, they’ll be less inclined to read the posts, or to re-visit your blog again. Punctuate your blog posts with attractive or funny pictures. Ever heard of a reaction gif? Use them! After all, everyone loves a funny cat gif, or a Minion, right?

If there are interesting pictures in your posts, you’ll get more people viewing your posts, and possibly liking them, which is always good, right?

#4. Keep it short and sweet.

However, even if you have pictures in your blog, with your posts all planned out, it’ll mean diddly squat if you end up have blog posts that are of ridiculous lengths. People don’t want long blog posts. People want blog posts that they can read on their commute to work, or while waiting for their morning coffee. They need to be quick and snappy, easy to take in. That is why posts should rarely be over about 750 words.

#5. Keep it fun.

If you’re not enjoying blogging, it’ll come across in your posts. Blogging should be fun, enjoyable; not feeling like a chore or a boring job you’re being forced to do. I’ve been blogging since mid-April 2015 now, and I absolutely love it. I love seeing my itty-bitty book blog grow from a timid little wallflower to a tall, proud sunflower, standing alongside all the other book bloggers out there. My blog has become my pride and joy, and the only thing that would make it better for me would be if I was getting paid to blog about books. If you find that you’re not enjoying being a blogger, then go do something else, because it’s pointless if you don’t like it.


These are my tips for blogging. I’ll do it again when I reach 1 year of blogging, to show my progress and how much I’ve learned then. Until then, thank you so much everyone for reading and following me – it means a lot to have gained my small following, and I am so grateful to each and every one of you.

Lots of Love!



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