Top Five Friday – Vampire Novels

Another Top Five Friday, people! This week I’m listing my top five vampire novels!

Vampires seem to be everywhere these days – from the horrendous Twilight vampires to the sexy and dangerous vampires of Morganville. I’ve had plenty  to choose from here.

5) My Sister’s A Vampire (don’t judge me for liking a kids book – this is an awesome series!)


4) The Vampire Diaries


Still good but not quite as cool as the top three.

3) Vampire Academy


I loved the movie and the books, but still getting beaten by…

2) Morganville Vampires


…the members of the Glass House! Seriously, Claire and Shane are OTP. That just leaves my number one being….

1) Blue Bloods!


Melissa De La Cruz is my all time favourite writer of vampires, and I now have a serious craving for some high-end Blue Bloods. And in that I don’t just mean figuratively. Their blood actually is blue.

Tell me what your favourite vampire novels are, and we can discuss 🙂



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