ARC August 2015 – Week 1 Wrap-Up


Almost at the end of the first week of ARC August, and I’m feeling pretty good about myself so far, since I finished reading my three ARCs goal for this week – linking them below – and I even managed to start reading Isle of The Lost, and The Selection on the side, as well as finishing reading Some Girls Bite (speaking of Isle of The Lost though, I watched the movie Descendants last night – LOVED it!)

ARCs this week:

Shattered Blue

Reading Untraceable was a little iffy, since I only just managed to finish it this afternoon, but I got it read and reviewed, which I’m happy about.

Monday is the post for the next week’s ARC goal, so watch this space, and if you’re taking part in ARC August too, then comment below and we can chat about each other’s ARCs.


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