Fancast Wednesday – Carmilla

The original Carmilla was published in 1871 by the author Sheridan Le Fanu, but it’s still relatively popular nowadays, especially since the amazing webseries adaptation of the book happened last year. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, you haven’t lived.

That’s why this week’s fancast is who I think would play the roles in a modern day adaptation of the novella.

Carmilla: Natasha Negovanlis

Yeah, she plays the Carmilla in the webseries, but I don’t care. She’s smoking hot, and an amazing actress. If I could meet her just once, I would die happy.

Laura: Emma Watson

My ideal Laura – the central character of the novella – would definitely be Emma Watson. For one, she’s a brilliant actress, and she’s also my Woman Crush every day.

Madame Perrodon: Angela Lansbury

It’s Angela Lansbury – need I say more?

Mademoiselle De Lafontaine: Jennifer Grey

Not quite as good as the webseries’ Kaitlyn Alexander, but Jennifer Grey will have to do.

Baron Vordenberg: Dick Van Dyke


Dick Van Dyke is the ultimate silver fox in my opinion, which is why I believe he would make an excellent vampire hunter.
Carmilla’s mother: Helena Bonham Carter


The manipulative mother of the titular vampire Carmilla, I can think of nobody better than Helena to play this role. She isn’t there for most of the novel, but still – mothers are important.
There’s another fancast Wednesday over with. I might not continue doing this weekly feature for much longer, since it’s getting repetitive, but if it does go, then I’ll replace it with another Wednesday feature, ok? 
Love you all 🙂 


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