Top Five Friday – Shadowhunters/Warlocks

It’s Friday! You know what that means – top 5 Friday! Just because I’m ultra excited about Shadowhunters premiering next spring, I’ve decided to make this my top five favourite Shadowhunters (and warlocks) from Cassandra Clare’s books.

5) First up, the reason why I added the warlocks part to this, because she sort of overlaps between both. Mundanes, Downworlders and everyone in between, let me introduce….Miss Tessa Gray!


4) Number four brings us another warlock – her skin is blue and she works in a hospital, but she is best friends with Magnus Bane and tried keeping him out of trouble in Peru – a whole other story – it’s Caterina Loss.


3) This one is not a warlock, but he has lived as long as Tessa. He had an addiction to yin fen while as a Shadowhunter, was parabatai to Jace Herondale’s great-grandfather, and he enjoys playing the violin – Jem Carstairs, get up here!


(picture credit goes to evanesco95 on deviantart)

2) Our penultimate Shadowhunter is indeed human, but like in many YA books, is in love with an immortal. He enjoys killing things with his bow and arrow, and being snarky. It’s Alec Lightwood.


1) Finally, we have reached our number one. This character is the most fabulous warlock to ever exist in literature, since he was the one to invent glitter, and he has been around to witness many generations of reckless Herondale men. He is currently in a romantic (and possibly sexual, probably sexual) relationship with the aforementioned Alec Lightwood, and they are just perfect together. Drum roll please….


Magnus freaking Bane!!!

This is another top five Friday, I have been your fangirling host, and goodnight!


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