OITNB Book Tag

Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black premiered in June, and since then, I’ve rewatched the season about twice. It’s an amazing show, and that is why I am doing this OITNB book tag, created by MissSassyKassie on YouTube. 

1. Piper: name a main character who you think is with the wrong person in the love triangle – Bella Swan.

Why go for the brooding vampire when you can have the non-immortal puppy? Bella should have gotten with Jacob all along – a lot less misery would have been caused if she had fallen for him first. Stupid bitch.

2. Alex: name a character who doesn’t quite know how to open up about feelings – Christian Grey.

This one suits Mr Grey to a T. He’s definitely closed off about his feelings and not quite comfortable with sharing his feelings or anything personal.

3. Crazy Eyes: name a character who does some not so great things but isn’t necessarily an antagonist – Callum McGregor.

Callum is actually the protagonist of the book, but he does do some really shitty things throughout Noughts And Crosses that could make him an antagonist.

4. Ms. Claudette: name a character who makes a bad first impression but you have grown to love – Severus Snape

The ultimate anti-hero of modern literature, and not to mention, Alan Rickman’s voice is just heavenly.

5. Pornstache: name a character who you feel needs retribution for their behavior – Jude McGregor

Jude (Callum’s brother from Noughts and Crosses) deserves retribution, I think, because he was blindly following what he had just been brought up to believe, hearing what his father was saying about the Liberation Militia, so despite what he did, I believe he could do with some retribution for his actions.

6. Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox): name a character who puts on a strong outer exterior when they’re dealing with inner turmoil – Jem Carstairs

Despite having a detrimental illness, Jem still puts on a brave face when going about his day to day life, hunting Downworlders or even just being with Tessa. 

7. Nicky Nichols (big hair lesbian): name a character who always says what they’re thinking – Reagan (Fangirl)

Reagan doesn’t seem to have that filter that most people have in their brains, and just says whatever blunt thought she is having at whatever moment.

8. Red: name a character who will stand up for those they love – Charlie (The Perks of Being A Wallflower)

That scene in POBAW where Charlie stands up for Patrick is my favourite scene in the whole book. Their bromance is for the ages.

9. Yoga Jones: name a character who deals with some deep regret in the story – Edward Cullen

Deep regret? Damn, that’s an understatement. This dude has so much regret, no therapist would want him.

10. Polly: name a character who betrays someone and doesn’t seem to give a shit – Peter Pettigrew

Aside from worrying about his own life, Peter doesn’t seem to give a shit about betraying his friends. He was happy enough to let Sirius go to prison for twelve years for a murder he didn’t commit.


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