Fancast Wednesday – Wuthering Heights

This week’s fancast takes a more classic turn, as I show who would play who in my personal adaptation of Wuthering Heights. I read this in school, and I really liked it – wild Cathy, brooding Heathcliff…. Anything set on the Yorkshire moors is my cup of tea.

Cathy Earnshaw – Helena Bonham Carter


The wild Cathy has to be played by the right person, and I can’t think of anyone better than the fabulous Helena Bonham Carter. She’d make a brilliant Cathy, knocking at the window and running over the moors, don’t you think?

Heathcliff – Tyler Hoechlin


As for the equally as wild Heathcliff, only one choice comes to mind – Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin. He has the wolfy madness of Heathcliff, with the glare that could turn Medusa to stone. Gimme that Heathcliff!

Edgar Linton – Colton Haynes


Refined, handsome, with just a little snark, Edgar Linton is the man who marries Cathy after turning her into a lady-like woman, and I think Colton Haynes suits the role just perfectly.

Isabella Linton – Katherine Heigl


Isabella is Edgar’s sister who falls in fateful love with Heathcliff, and yet unlike her brother, she doesn’t manage to tame Heathcliff into a respectable man. Being married to him though, she gradually loses herself. I choose Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl for this role, because Heigl is my Woman Crush Wednesday, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, as well as an amazing actress.

Hindley Earnshaw – Gary Oldman


Cathy’s older brother Hindley is cruel and vicious, especially towards the gipsy Heathcliff, which is what makes his mental demise later in the book not that sympathised with. Another Harry Potter actor, Gary Oldman is my choice for this role. Just imagine Prisoner-Of-Azkaban Sirius, and you’ll have my image of Hindley.

I might do some more classic fancasts in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those, and please follow and/or comment – it makes me so happy!


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