Book Review – Lucky Linus


Title: Lucky Linus

Author: Gene Gant

Synopsis: Is the possibility of fulfilling your heart’s desire worth the risk of breaking it? Fourteen-year-old Linus Lightman is understandably reluctant to trust his newest foster family, the Nelsons, after he’s bounced through the system since being taken from his neglectful mother. He’s certain they will reject him when they find out he’s gay, and getting to know them will only lead to hurt later. Trying to cope, he builds a friendship with Kevin Mapleton, and it quickly grows into romance, despite Linus’s fears. Then a video of Linus and Kevin having sex is posted online, and Linus knows from past experience exactly what’s going to happen. This sort of scandal will cost him his new home and Kevin’s love, snatching away his fragile hopes of belonging.

Rating: 3 Stars

Review: I was given this title on Netgalley in exchange for a honest review, and to be honest, I found this to be just…meh. It wasn’t particularly bad, but it didn’t get me interested in it the way I think a great book should.  A great book should have you so involved and absorbed in the characters that you actually feel something when something bad happens to them. I didn’t feel that with this one.

The main character Linus has a history of being sexually abused, causing him to be moved around from foster home to foster home. Thus, when he finally finds a home that he likes and wants to stay in, he keeps mum about his sexuality for fear of being rejected by his new family and being moved to somewhere else. When he meets Kevin on an LGBTQ teen website though, that changes.  He tells lies to his foster mum to get out of the house to meet up with this boy, and he’s sneaking around.

It was an okay read – I liked the background we had of Linus, but I do think his relationship with Kevin was a little too much insta-love, not really realistic. I’ll likely try Gant’s writing again in future, to see if he writes better, but I’m just meh about this particular one.

Title is published July 24.


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