Top Five Friday – Top Five Book Covers

Another Friday, another Top Five! This week, I’ve decided to do my top five favourite book covers, because despite being told to not judge a book by its cover, a cover is a huge part of the novel. A pretty cover versus an ugly cover can usually determine whether you buy it or not, and these are five of my favourite book covers.











9 thoughts on “Top Five Friday – Top Five Book Covers

  1. This is tough, because I don’t think I could ever pick just FIVE as my most favorite book covers. Also, I know that people say you shouldn’t, but most people (myself included) judge books by their covers all the time =D


      • *GASP* Oh my gosh, you have to read them now! Six of Crows isn’t publicly released until October but Ruin and Rising is the third book of a trilogy. These books are at the top recommendation list to anyone who loves YA Fantasy.

        The Grisha Trilogy (the trilogy that Ruin and Rising belongs to) is about Alina who was raised in an orphanage with a boy named Mal and who thought she would spend her life being an ordinary map maker while Mal trailed after all of the pretty girls in town. After she is acted by these creatures called the Volcra, she unleashes a power she never realized that she had. She is then whisked away to begin training as Grisha (a magical order of the army) but most of her peers have known about their powers since they were children so she’s very far behind everyone else. From then on it’s a journey of love, magic, corruption, and power. It’s dramatic and hilarious, with amazing characters. I can’t ever really say enough about these books. Six of Crows is written in the same world as The Grisha Trilogy but with a whole new cast of characters and in a different country. I implore you to add these books to your TBR. I have yet to meet someone who has regretted it.


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