Book Review -He’s Not My Boyfriend


**C/O Samhain Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review **

Title: Not My Boyfriend

Author: Monica Anderson

Synopsis:If “I love you” is a lie, why does it feel so much like the truth? Stuck at a co-workers retirement party, Max prepares himself for a long, boring night— until a guy across the bar with an intense brown gaze and a dangerous smirk offers some mutual gratification in the bathroom. Max had been looking for a forever love, but Karson’s so hot, forever can wait. Ever since his cheating ex broke his heart, Karson’s had rules. Only pleasure. Never more than once. Never stay the night. Yet long after their romp in the bar bathroom, Karson still wants Max— maybe enough to break his own rules.As Max and Karson struggle to sort out their complicated non-relationship, Karson’s ex resurfaces in full win-him-back mode. One white lie later, Max attends Karson’s tenth annual high-school reunion as his “boyfriend” to keep his ex away. But pretending is hard, when all Max wants is for the lie to be the truth. Warning: Contains a slew of misunderstandings, one cheating, jealous ex, and steamy sex scenes between two guys who fall accidentally in love.

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Forget Fifty Shades – this is ten times hotter, and without the abusive relationship. If you’re looking for the next steamy romance, look no further than this.

Both men have issues with commitment – Karson has had his heart broken by an ex, and Max just wants to fall in love – so they have a one-night stand , which turns into more than just a hook-up. The sex scenes are a little copious for my liking, but also incredibly hot at the same time.

What I loved most though, was Karson’s adorable dorkiness. If I were casting a movie of this, I’d cast Alfonso Herrera because damn, does that man look good in glasses, and he’s got those sad puppy eyes that would melt even the Ice Queen’s heart.


Give this book a go, because it’s the perfect mix of sexy and sweet, and you’ll fall in love with Max and Karson just as they do with each other.


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