Book Review – Barefoot in the City of Broken Dreams


**C/o Brent Hartinger/ BK Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Title: Barefoot In The City of Broken Dreams

Author: Brent Hartinger

Synopsis: “There was no way moving to Los Angeles was going to make me give up my soul. After all, I’d already seen all the movies about Hollywood. I knew how things worked.”

Twenty-four year-old Russel Middebrook and his boyfriend have moved to Los Angeles so Russel can try to make it as a screenwriter.

Almost right away, in a forgotten old house off of Sunset Boulevard, Russel meets Isaac Brander, a once-famous film producer who is convinced he can turn Russel’s screenplay into a movie.

Russel knows that success can’t possibly come this easy. After all, most of Russel’s Los Angeles friends are so desperate to make it that it’s downright scary. His ex-boyfriend, Otto, is trying everything to become an actor, and Daniel, the sexy neighbor, doesn’t even need a casting couch to get naked.

So what’s the catch with Mr. Brander? Could it be that movies about Hollywood don’t tell the whole truth? But what does that mean for Russel’s soul?

Rating:  4 Stars

Review: My second Netgalley read, but I was actually really excited to read this. As soon as I saw it was by Brent Hartinger and was about Russel Middlebrook, I fangirled out so hard, because I absolutely adored ‘Geography Club’ and ‘The Order of the Poison Oak’ and seeing this was a dream come true.

I downloaded it, and started reading it. Instantly I was pulled back into Russel’s life, experiencing his relationship with Kevin (OTP all the way, bitches!), and feeling every emotion that he does. Hartinger writes so brilliantly that you feel so absorbed into the lives of these amazingly written characters.

I’m a big fan of any LGBT fiction, and this didn’t disappoint. We follow the now twenty-four year old Russel as he moves to LA to pursue his budding screenwriting career, accompanied by his sexy, witty boyfriend Kevin whom you should remember from Geography Club if you read it. Aside from Russel and Kevin, we also meet Gina and Regina, their lesbian neighbours; Daniel, the overly flirty and barely legal neighbour; and Otto, Russel’s ex-boyfriend from summer camp.

It’s cute, and sweet, and the ending of the book -which I won’t spoil – is just so freaking adorable that you’ll be sitting there for about an hour afterwards, smiling like an idiot. The only reason I took of a star is because the action went by too quickly. It felt too rushed sometimes, when it could have been drawn out more.

My verdict? Get this book when it’s released August 14, because it’s one of the best written gay romances in the literature world, and you’ll fall in love with Kevin and Russel all over again.


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