Book Review – Anna And The French Kiss


Title: Anna and The French Kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins
Rating: 4 and a half stars
Review: This was a book that I’ve been dying to read for ages now, since I’ve seen pretty much everyone on Booktube talking about it at some point of another. I finally got it yesterday, and by this morning I had devoured it like an animal. 
This book is quite possibly one of the best books I have ever read – mainly because Etienne is now one of my fictional boyfriends. He’s adorable, and thoughtful, and I wish I knew guys in real life like him. My favourite part of the book would have to have been when…no. I can’t say anything without spoiling it. Nu-uh. All I will say though, is that you’ll fall head over heels for this British-American in France, just like Anna.
It’s the perfect book for when you just want to be a hopeless romantic and believe in true love and all that. The only reason I give it four and a half stars instead of five is that I disliked some of the way Anna behaves in the book – almost brattish and childish.
My verdict is that if you haven’t read this book already, you have to go read it. It’s a fluffy romance, and I absolutely adored it, and you will too.




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