Top Five Friday – Races I love to Read About

Another Friday, another top five. This week, I’ve decided to list the top five races/species I like to read about the most. I read a lot of fantasy, and thus I’ve discovered several magical beings that I enjoy reading about a lot.


5) Nephilim


From good Nephilim in the Mortal Instruments series, to not-quite-so-nice Nephilim in the Hush Hush series, I love reading books which feature these half-angel, half-human beings. Besides, who doesn’t love an interesting hybrid?

4) Dragon riders


Dragons, dragons, big and small. I absolutely ADORE anything that features these proud and fierce creatures (even if they are big and scary like the Hungarian Horntail). Some prominent books that I can think of in this category are the Inheritance trilogy (Christopher Paolini), A Song of Ice And Fire (George RR Martin), and the How To Train Your Dragon books (Cressida Cowell).

3) Wizards and witches


When you see these two words, you usually think Harry Potter, but that’s not the only wizarding series out there. I’m also particular to reading The Worst Witch (Jill Murphy), or Beautiful Creatures (Kami Garcia and Margaret Stoll). Witches rule!! And I guess wizards are okay as well…

2) Kitsunes


These mischievous little fox spirits have been popping up a lot recently in either books, or in tv shows (Teen Wolf’s Kira?) and I absolutely love them. They’re a little morally ambiguous, but overall really cool little critters. Two examples I can think of, are The Night Itself (Zoe Marriott) and Neko and Fox-Hat (August Li). The latter comes out July 16 so keep an eye out for this fabulous read!

1) Fallen angels


Similar to Nephilim, but fallen angels definitely have appeal to them. They’re anarchic, and sexy, and ever so slightly dangerous. They also seem to be everywhere – the Hush Hush series (Becca Fitzpatrick), Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, or Melissa de la Cruz’ Blue Bloods books. Fallen angels get my inner fangirl going nuts, and  that’s why they’re my favourite fantasy race to read about.


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