Fancast Wednesday – Anna And The French Kiss

I’m really excited about this week’s fancast, because it’s a book that I’ve been dying to read for AGES now, and I finally got to read it earlier this week. It’s……Anna And The French Kiss!! There was a lot of hype about this and its sequels, but I can definitely see what the hype is about. This fancast just has to show the playful romance of the characters, and that’s what I’m hoping for.
1) Shelley Hennig as Anna Oliphant

This Teen Wolf star is my Woman Crush Wednesday this week, and no wonder – she’s absolutely gorgeous, a fantastic actress, and oh, did I mention she’s stunning? Seeing her back for this new season of Teen Wolf makes my fangirl heart skip a beat, and I honestly think she’d make the perfect Anna Banana.
2) Harry Styles as Etienne St. Clair.

Don’t shoot me for this, but I honestly do think that Harry would make a great St Clair. Seriously, look at him in a beanie, with that angelic smile – tell me that is not the perfect St. Clair! Also his accent is to die for, so there’s that, and I’m sure he could learn French for the role.
3) Missy Peregrym as Meredith Chevalier

Meredith’s a sporty character, and when I think sporty female, I visualise Missy in the gymnastics film Stick It. For that reason, Missy has stuck in my head as the perfect Meredith, should they ever do a movie of the book (God, yes!).
4) Kevin Zegers as Josh Wasserstein

I watched the City of Bones film again last night, and Kevin Zegers – the guy that played Alec Lightwood – just seems to me like the perfect Josh. I’m visualising him with a sketchbook, sitting on the steps of Notre Dame… Spot-on perfect.
5) Tina Desai as Rashmi Devi

I know Tina’s a little old to play a teenager, but I figure she could pull it off with the right wardrobe. I’m picturing her with glasses and and I’m tingling with excitement. Please let there be a movie of this fabulous book, and have Tina Desai play Rashmi? Pretty please?
If you’ve got any other suggestions for character face claims, comment below; I’d love to hear other suggestions that I haven’t thought of.


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