Fancast Wednesday – City of Glass

Last week’s fancast was for the second book in the The Mortal Instruments series, but this week I’m continuing with the series, and doing my fancast choices for the characters in The City Of Glass, the third book in the TMI series.


1) Sebastian Morgenstern – Colton Haynes


A total heartthrob of course, but also evil AF. All Colton Haynes would need to play this evil villain role would be to dye his hair blonde for it. After that he would be a perfect Sebastian. He’s got that snarky look about him that for me, just screams Evil Hottie.

2) Amatis Graymark – Lena Headey


Imagine Lena and Jamie Dornan playing the Graymark siblings. Ok, so now you’ve got that perfect image in your head, you can see why this GoT star is perfect for the role of Stephen Herondale’s widow.

3) Aline Penhallow – Lucy Liu


Admittedly she is a little old for the role, but if John Travolta can play a teenager in Grease, then Lucy Liu can play a teenager in this. She’s absolutely stunning, and my perfect Aline.

4) Inquisitor Aldertree – Robert Hardy


He played the arrogant, pompous arse Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter franchise, and thus I have sort of adopted him in my mind as the equally as pompous and arrogant Inquisitor Aldertree. Ugh. Honestly I preferred Imogen a lot more, even if she was a total bee with an itch if you get my drift.

5) Meliorn – Finn Jones


Yet another Game Of Thrones star, but Finn Jones would make the perfect faerie knight – who’s also Isabelle’s ex, but that’s besides the point. He is haughty, and proud, and just has the perfect look for someone of the faerie court.

I don’t think I’ll do the rest of the TMI series as fancasts, since there’s a lot of the same characters as I’ve already done, but even so, check back next Wednesday for another fancast.


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