Annotations in books – Habit, or hell?

Writing in books – yay or nay?

Speaking on quite a controversial topic, I am hesitantly venturing to ask – what is your opinion on marginalia/annotations? Is it something you do yourself, or one of your pet peeves? Let’s discuss.

Personally I have no problem with making annotations in my books as long as there’s two conditions; they’re not library books, and I haven’t borrowed the book from anyone. It’s fine to mark your own books, but not cool to deface someone else’s book. Imagine lending a book to someone and then getting it back from them after a while but with notes scribbled all over the margins – IN PEN!!! THE HORROR!!!

However, I am in possession of some absolutely amazing translations of books which are now in French, and after getting into the habit of it while studying for my french exams in school, I make notes in the margin of the pages so that when I’m reading it, I know what words mean without having to look them up.

I did the same thing for my English Literature texts in school as well, but I don’t make notes in my other books anymore though. Marginalia is purely for my language novels.

What’s your opinion on writing in books? Do you happily write in your books, making your own notes on it for whatever reason? Or do you rear away from just the idea of defacing a novel? Please comment below with your opinion – I love comments! And opinions!


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