Fictional Dating #1

If you could go on a date with a book character, what would happen? Where would you go? What would you wear? Who would you date? These are all questions that I’ll answer, when I go on a date with fictional characters.



Today I’m going on a date with James ‘Jem’ Carstairs, parabatai to Will Herondale. Yeah, I know he lives in the Victorian era, but he’s fit! Haha! Also, he’s a total gentleman, which puts him way above the majority of guys from the present day, don’t you think?


Jem will take me to a poetry reading, and then for a walk along Blackfriars Bridge. A quietly romantic date, from a quietly beautiful and romantic person.


We leave the London Institute just before sunset, walking to the poetry reading which is in a tiny bookshop tucked in between two much larger shops. The poetry reading lasts for an hour and a half, and the whole time Jem has a gentle hold of my hand. When we leave, it’s just starting to get properly dark, with a few stars dotting the night sky.


We approach the bridge, and sit on the edge of the bridge, our legs hanging over the side as we talk about everything and nothing. Jem’s yin fen addiction, the fate of the London Institute, our favourite things. Everything. Later that night, we return to the Institute, and Jem walks me up to my bedroom before shyly kissing me on the lips and bidding me goodnight. It’s totally mesmerising, and leaves me breathless, but I love it.


This will hopefully be an ongoing series of posts by me,since I think I’ve landed on a good idea, but comment at the bottom with your thoughts on this. Thanks!


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