Top Five Friday: Fantasy Series’

I’ve seen this done on Booktube a lot before, doing little lists like this, so I figured I’d start doing some myself. This one is my top five fantasy series, since I’m always reading fantasy books of a sort.

5. A Song Of Ice And Fire – George RR Martin


Starting off at 5, we have the Song Of Ice And Fire series, by the amazing George RR Martin. I still have to read the second book, but I just love the universe, and the politics within this fantasy world. It’s a lot more adult than a lot of the other fantasy series’ I enjoy reading, but that’s what I liked about it.

My favourite character would have to be Daenerys, simply because she is totally badass, and dragons are a definite plus. She doesn’t let any man tell her what to do, and even when her husband dies, she still stands tall and in charge – the Khaleesi.

4.  The Inheritance Cycle – Christopher Paolini


Number four brings us another series with dragons but in this one, dragons play a much more central role. The four books in the series tell a tremendous saga of excitement, adventure, romance, and I just became enthralled in the characters and the plot. This series features several strong female characters – Saphira, Arya and Nasuada among others – which always attracts my attention in a series, and I also loved the geography of this fictional world. From Ellesmera to Du Weldenvarden, Paolini describes every location with fervor and vivid details that almost make me believe I am there.

This is a series I wholly recommend to anyone, since it’s good for any age of reader – adults would like it just as much as kids or teenagers – and the plot’ll pull you in like a magnet.

3.  The Pellinor series – Alison Croggon


I read this series back when I was at school, and over the course of my school career, I must have checked out this book series at least a dozen times if not more. It’s a massively underrated book series that more people should read. It follows the story of Maerad, a girl forced into slavery as a young girl. As she gets older, it becomes evident that she has what is called the Gift. A Bard named Cadvan rescues her, and that’s just the start of their stories.

The romance in the story is a part of the bigger picture, but it’s not the main focus. Similar to another of my favourite fantasy series’, it’s more about the main character finding herself, and developing her magical abilities. However….the romance is amazing. I shipped Cadvan and Maerad right from the start, and you will too.

2. The Study series -Maria V. Snyder


Almost there – second on my top five fantasy sagas is the Study series by the amazeballs Maria V Snyder. I’m currently re-reading this series yet again, just because it’s amazing, and just so good that I can’t quite get the right words to describe how awesome it is. It’s very similar to the Pellinor books though, which I noticed almost right away. Both Yelena and Maerad begin their respective series as orphans, with magical gifts that they don’t know about yet, and they find salvation in a master – Valek and Cadvan respectively – who teaches them important lessons and helps them discover themselves. Also, both Cadvan and Valek are totally hot and older – swoon-worthy!

If you haven’t picked up the first book in this series yet, then I put the evil eye on you until you do. It’s a must-read for any fantasy fans. However, it doesn’t quite live up to my number one fantasy series…..

Drum roll please?


1. Harry Potter series – JK Rowling


It’s the Potter books!!! These have been around since I can remember, so I’ve pretty much grown up with this iconic book series. The last book came out back in 2007 but the fandom is still as strong today. There’s new information about the characters being released all the time and I love that about the series. It’s ever growing and ever changing, and it’s a common interest for the majority of the world.

If you still haven’t read the books, and have just seen the goddamn movies – which were great, but they’re not the same as the works of genius themselves – then I have absolutely nothing to say to you.


Thanks  for reading this – comment with your own favourite fantasy series of all time.


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