Ebooks vs Real Books

This is one of the biggest controversies in the book community – esoecially lately, since ebooks seem to be getting more and more popular – so I am going to put my penny in, and give my opinion. 





– I find that they’re faster to read, since the flipping of the pages is eliminated instead of just tapping the screen. This is definitely one of the pros that I like a lot, since I almost always have my nose in a book. Don’t judge! Books are my friends.

-I can carry around lots more ebooks than I can carry around actual books, since an e-reader can carry several books on the one device, which leads me to my next point in favour of the fabulous e-book.

-I can borrow library ebooks via the Overdrive app, which means I don’t have to wait and order books from the library when I can just download them onto my Kindle (score!)
-E-readers cost a whole lotta money, and there’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong with anything electronic, so there’s that….

-Reading ebooks can give you headaches sometimes as well, due to the LED light or whatever, so that’s not good, especially if you read on a device before bed.

-Unless you get a colour device, ebooks tend to be in black and white, which is a downer, especially when the book has a pretty cover like the Mortal Instruments series.
Physical Books

– Physical books look really pretty….. They look really good on a bookshelf, especially when you have a full series; e.g. The Noughts and Crosses series.

-With physical books, you have the satisfaction of opening the book for the first time, and then closing it again once you’ve read the final words. There really is nothing like that feeling of total satisfaction, you know?

-Physical books don’t take up any memory, so you don’t have to keep getting rid of them like you do with e-books. You can keep as many books as you can with the amount of space you have – which for me, is limited right now.
– Real books wear and tear easily, even if they’re hardback books, so that’s kind of a downer, especially if they have the aforementioned pretty covers.

-Books also take up a lot more space than a single e-reader, so often it’s not possible to carry around more than maybe one or two books at a time- trust me, when you’re in the middle of a series, it sucks big time to not be able to read all the books you can in one go, especially on a long bus journey.

-I’ve also found that real books cost more generally than ebooks. I mainly get my books from a local secondhand bookshop or charity shops because of this reason. I just don’t have the money to buy brand news books for nearly ten quid a book.
What is my verdict? Well, as far as I’m concerned, real books will always win out. They’re gorgeous, and there is no better feeling than buying new books and putting them on the shelf.

What’s your opinion on this highly debated argument? Are real books always going to be the best? Or have you converted to the electronic book? Comment below 🙂


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