Fancast Wednesday – City of Bones

This week I finally finished the Mortal Instruments series, ending with City of Heavenly Fire, so I figured I’d do a series of fancasts for each of the books, since they all feature new characters. The City of Bones is the first book in the series, and so I did this fancast for the following characters.

Holland Roden as Clarissa ‘Clary’ Fray – After seeing Holland portray Lydia in Teen Wolf, I’ve no doubt that she would be able to play this strong character with the same level of ‘badass-ery’ that she played in Teen Wolf. Also, she’s totally my Woman Crush Wednesday as well.

Tom Felton as Jace Wayland – He’s rugged, he’s sexy, he’s BLOND! Aside from Jamie Campbell Bower (the dude who played Jace in the TMI movie), I can’t imagine anyone else playing Jace. He could play Jace’s tortured soul role so well that I’m inclined to petition that Tom take the role in the upcoming tv adaptation of the books (sorry, Dominic Sherwood!).

Nat Wolff as Simon Lewis – Whoever plays Simon has to be able to effortlessly make the transition from geeky!Simon to vampire!Simon, and I can easily imagine the TFIOS actor to do just that. If he were to play Simon in an alternate adaptation, the Shadowhunter fangirls would just eat him up with delight, because he’s such an ideal choice.

Matt Lanter as Alexander ‘Alec’ Lightwood – Aside from the actor who will play Alec in the Shadowhunters tv show, Matthew Daddario, it’s surprisingly hard to find someone who would suit the role of Alec. The perfect Alec would have to be quietly handsome, unlike Jace’s arrogantly good looks, and he has to be badass as well. However, I may have found a good choice for the role in Matt Lanter. He has the blue eyes down pat, and all the part would need is to dye his hair a darker colour, and the Marks of course. Other than that, he’s a really good choice

Kaya Scodelario as Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Lightwood – The more fiery-tempered of the Lightwood siblings, Alec’s younger sister Izzy has to be portrayed by someone with the same fire and passion for what she does, someone who will kick ass and look fabulous while doing it. From the cast iron anklets to the golden whip around her forearm, Isabelle owns her badass-ness, which is why after much deliberation, I have chosen Kaya Scodelario. As Theresa in The Maze Runner movie, and Effie in Skins, she can effectively show a character with grit and integrity. She’s our Izzy.

Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane – Yeah, yeah I know he’s the actual actor from the movie, but I honestly cannot think of anyone else that could give off the same amazing performance as Godfrey. He was magical, and that’s what Magnus is. He’s magical and….glittery.

Colin O’Donoghue as Valentine Morgenstern – In the later part of Once Upon A Time’s second season, Colin briefly played a villain; Captain Killian Jones otherwise known as Hook. In my mind, he would be an excellent choice to play Valentine, since aside from his young age, he has this wickedly devilish air about him. Also, how good would Valentine be with a leather jacket on?!

Jamie Dornan as Lucian ‘Luke’ Graymark – Another Once Upon A Time alum, but this one looks particularly good with a beard. He’s also young-ish, so his face has the gentle softness that I visualise Clary’s pseudo-father with. Luke is also a werewolf, so that’s a definite plus for Jamie, due to the whole wolfy aesthetic he has going on.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Jocelyn Fray – Finally, we come to Clary’s mother. Admittedly in the City of Bones, Jocelyn doesn’t take that much action, as she’s in a magically induced coma for about three quarters of the book, but she’s still a key character. I found it difficult to find a suitable actress for Jocelyn, as I want to keep as close to the books as possible, but eventually after a long search, I came up with Bryce Dallas Howard. She’s got this soft, motherly face that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and yet there’s an edge there that suggests there’s more to her than just being a mum.
Next week, I’ll do a fancast for City of Ashes, which happens to be the second book in the beyond fabulous The Mortal Instruments series.


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