Fancast Wednesday – Queer HP

I have previously done two fancasts for the Harry Potter universe – one being for the next generation characters, and the other being a POC fancast for the Marauders. This one however, has been playing on my mind for a while now, and I really want to do it. I’ve seen a lot of posts about these on Tumblr, so I made my own. It’s a mix of Marauders, Golden Trio era, and Next Generation.
Ezra Miller as Genderqueer!Sirius Black:

Sirius gives zero f*cks about gender roles – they will wear whatever the hell they wants to whenever they feels like it, and Sirius doesn’t give a crap about what other people think about them when they wear eyeliner and paint their nails in a pretty colour. They just go on with life.
Daniel Sharman as Trans!Remus

Remus coming out to his friends as trans, but Sirius just giving him a hug and telling him that it doesn’t matter what he used to be. It matters who he is now, and who he is now is an amazing guy, and they all love him nonetheless. Remus feels so grateful to them, especially Sirius whom he sort of fancies something rotten.
Emilia Clarke as Pansexual!Luna Lovegood

Luna just loves everyone regardless of their gender or sexuality. She dates guys, girls, and people in between, because to her, it doesn’t matter what’s between the person’s legs. She still falls hard and fast for them.
Natalie Dormer as Bi-romantic Asexual!Victoire

Despite having Veela blood in her, Victoire has absolutely no interest in having sex with anyone, but she does have crushes on both men and women. Her mother’s astounded by her lack of sexual interest, but Victoire continues to still pursue a relationship with Teddy Lupin.
Dylan Everett as Bigender!Teddy Lupin.

Being a Metamorphagus actually works in Teddy’s favour, because they can change their appearance to look like a girl when they have their girl days, and can adopt a more androgynous appearance for those mixed up days.


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