Fancast Wednesday: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

This week’s fancast is characters from the series’ by Rick Riordan – the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and it’s spinoff sequel series, the Heroes of Olympus. Recently my brother and I have been really into this series, so that’s why I’m doing this.

Enjoy! ā¤ļø šŸ“•šŸ“—šŸ“˜šŸ“™

Jason Grace: Austin Butler

All-American boy on the outside, but really a demigod!

Piper: Shailene Woodley

Beautiful, just like someone from Aphrodite would be, but also surprisingly kickass. Piper’s definitely my favourite character. 

Leo: Avan Jogia

Son of Hephaestus, this boy can melt more than just your heart. 

Tyson: Douglas Smith

The Tyson actor from the Sea of Monsters movie is just the perfect Tyson, and I wouldn’t change that. 

Percy: Dylan O’Brien

I changed Logan Lerman to Dylan for this fancast, because even though I loved Logan in the movies, I think Dylan would make a great Percy, especially since he’s got experience playing a character with ADHD before, and he’s dreamy…. Oops.

Annabeth: Emma Watson

The person to play Annabeth has to be just as kick-ass as her, and Emma fits the bill perfectly. She’s proud, and fiery, and my perfect Annabeth ever.



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