Fancast Wednesday: Poison Study

This week’s fancast is from the amazing Study series by Maria V. Snyder, aka one of my all time favourite book series’ ever! Hopefully I’ll be writing up a review for the first book in the series, which is Poison Study, very soon. For now though, here’s the characters:
1: Christie Laing as Yelena Zaltana, the main character and viewpoint in the series;


2. Secondly is the royal assassin, Valek – swoon! Tom Hiddleston is the perfect choice.

3. I couldn’t find a celebrity face claim for Commander Ambrose, but I found this picture on Google, and it suits the character quite well….


4. Next is Ari and Janco, Yelena’s soldier best friends, portrayed respectively by Dylan O’Brien and Daniel Sharman, who have both worked together previously on Teen Wolf and have an awesome bromance.

5. Iris is the magician who comes from the South to initially kill Yelena, but in my mind, I love Nicole Scherzinger for Iris for some reason. She just has a magical air around her.

6. Finally, Mogkan – the villain of the novel. I picked Robert Carlyle for him, because Carlyle just has this wicked look to him, and after seeing him in Once Upon A Time, I adore him as any villain.



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