Fancast Wednesday: Harry Potter (Next Generation)

This week’s fancast is the next generation of characters from the Harry Potter series. At the end of the series we catch glimpses of some of the Golden Trio’s children and others, but this is who I would cast as the different characters if I were to make an HP Reboot.

First off, James Sirius Potter, Harry’s eldest son, portrayed here by Robert Sheehan;
Next, Harry’s second son Albus Severus Potter, portrayed by Skandar Keynes;

Harry and Ginny’s only daughter, Lily Luna Potter, portrayed by Holland Roden;


Next up is Hermione and Ron’s daughter, Rose Weasley, portrayed by Sophie Turner;


And Rose’s younger brother Hugo, portrayed by Penn Dayton Badgley;


The Malfoy offspring that is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, portrayed by the ever elegant Gryphon O’Shea;


Luna Scamander’s (née Lovegood) twins, Lorcan and Lysander, portrayed here by Jack and Finn Harries;

And finally, George Weasley and Angelina Johnson’s daughter Roxanne, portrayed by the beautiful Aja Naomi King; 

That’s it for this week, but if you want me to do a particular fancast, send me a message via Tumblr, or comment below. 




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