Fancast Wednesday – ‘Graceling’

I’ve decided to start something called Fancast Wednesday – where I post my fancast choices for book characters. I’ll do a different one every week, and whenever I review that book, I’ll link to the fancast if I’ve done it already.

This week’s fancast is for the Kristin Cashore book ‘Graceling’ which is one of my all time favourite YA fantasy book series’. I had heard a lot about it prior to reading it, from various other book blogs and from ‘booktubers’ on YouTube, which got me interested in reading it. As I read it, I just had such vivid images in my head of who would play the characters if there was a movie of ‘Graceling.’
Katsa: Crystal Reed
Po: Zayn Malik
Bitterblue: Selena Gomez
Raffin: Sam Claflin
Bann: Colin Morgan
Leck: Matt Frewer
There are obviously more characters, but these will do for now.

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