Introduction to me and my Shih Tzu bookworms

I’m just going to skip all the boring parts, and get right to the introduction – I’m Becca, and my four little fluffy Shih Tzus are Elizabeth, Coco, Fifi and Grace. As it happens usually, they sit on top of me while I’m reading, therefore they will be helping me with this book blog.

Elizabeth is the oldest, and if she was human, I imagine she would like Jane Austen, and all those classic romance books. She’s a very classy dog, and she’s quite happy to sit still.

Coco is by far one of the most hyper dogs I have ever seen in my life, always jumping around and rolling around on the sofa. If she were human, she would be interested in short books only, being unwilling to sit still for too long.

Grace is the one we nickname Jacob because she howls like a wolf, throwing her head back just like the werewolves from Twilight. I imagine that if Grace were human, she would be like Grace from Maggie Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls series, interested in the supernatural and the anthropomorphic.

Fifi is the baby, the smallest of all the dogs. Her tiny legs and her sad features make her seem vulnerable and adorable, and if she was human, I would think that she would be reading romances, anything with a happy ending. Fairy tales would be her favourite type of story.

As for me, I read a variety of genres, but I do tend to lean more towards YA fantasy romance, such as the aforementioned Wolves of Mercy Falls series. However, I do read other genres, such as chick lit, paranormal, and especially LGBTQA fiction.

Until next time, au revoir!


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